Todd Hennelly, President
Pacific Captive Managers, Inc.
Barry Butcher, Vice President
Barry Butcher and Associates
Robert Kabacy, Treasurer
Kell, Alterman and Runstein P.C.
Gary Hargis, Secretary
Pacific Captive Managers, Inc.

Membership in OCIA is open to all captive insurance companies licensed in Oregon and to all companies, entities and individuals with a sincere interest in the affirmative development, promotion, expansion and maintenance of the captive insurance industry in Oregon.

OCIA members may include captive managers, accounting firms, actuaries – risk consultants, brokers, financial institutions, legal firms, insurance companies, and claims administrators, who are either directly or indirectly involved with captives and/or support the development of a quality captive environment in Oregon.

Membership in the Oregon Captive Insurance Association serves to build the collective voice of professionals with both state and federal regulators along with legislators and regulators. As an OCIA member, individual captive owners and industry service providers have an opportunity to build a dialogue with peers for the purpose of networking, education and sharing. Meeting before both the legislature and regulators does a service for peers and the industry.

Through your membership with the association, Oregon Insurance Division regulators are better able to increase their influence and representation at insurance industry events every. Oregon intends to become the domicile of choice for smaller west coast entities seeking to form pure captive insurance companies that can enjoy the tax preference under U.S. Internal Revenue Code section 831(b). Oregon looks to also attract larger captives looking to re-domicile or initiate formation where the frictional costs are lower and business climate is warmer.

Becoming a member of the association is open to all captive insurance companies and service companies that have a professional interest in supporting and promoting the Oregon captive insurance industry. The Oregon Captive Insurance Association is open to any domestic, foreign or alien business involved in the operation, development or servicing of a captive insurance company.

Individuals and Businesses that may join include:

  • Captive Insurance Companies
  • Captive Managers
  • Attorneys - Law Firms
  • Accounting Firms - Audit Firms - CPA Firms
  • Actuaries
  • Brokers and Producers
  • Banking Institutions - Investment Firms - Financial Management Firms
  • Program Administrators
  • MGAs / MGUs
  • Reinsurers
  • Intermediaries - Business Consultants
  • Risk Managers
  • Third Party Administrators

Application for:

Captive Owner Member Dues: $250
Corporate Service Provider Member Dues: $250
Affiliate Member Dues: $150

First Name*Middle Initial
Last Name*
City*State* Zip*

Please describe your interest in the Captive Industry:

If Corporate Service Provider, describe services provided:

By electonically signing this application, I hereby declare that I am authorized to sign this Membership Application on behalf of my compnay and agree to be listed on the OCIA web site.

Electronic Signature*Date*

Apon submission your application will be reviewed. You will be contacted by a representative to complete the membership process and collect member dues.

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For questions, contact:
Todd Hennelly, President, Oregon Captive Insurance Association | P: 503.968.6300 | C: 503.730.3888 | F: 503.968.6305 |

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